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Hey There

For those of you who know me, you will know only too well how I love to have something different. It doesn't need to be expensive, just different! Furthermore, for it to be re-cycled or upcycled, then even better...

I spent the vast majority of my working life in the Newspaper industry. I loved it! It was always a standing joke as to "What will she be wearing today?" I never failed to surprise  my colleagues with unique clothing & jewellery. When I left the newspaper industry I decided to share my love of jewellery. I learnt how to make bespoke pieces from vintage cutlery & sterling silver enamel jewellery. It makes me so happy and overwhelmed when customers praise me for my creations. It's hard to believe that I am in a position to make customers feel so special themselves & so happy!!! Thank you for all your compliments and words of means so much.

Jude x

All About Me & My Jewellery

I spend most of my weekends attending markets across the North West of England & beyond, displaying & selling my jewellery. I update my website at the end of each month listing all the markets I will be attending the following month. My customers have asked on numerous occasions whether or not I have a website so they can buy from me directly. Well here it is... on a much smaller scale than most but this allows me to still spend time visiting my markets and seeing you, my customers. However if you can't make one of my markets, then you don't miss out!

What are my creations?

Vintage Cutlery Jewellery

You may or may not know the history of the 'Vintage Cutlery Ring? Just incase you don't...

Spoon rings, which were made from the handle of a spoon, are widely considered to have originated in 17th century England and the legend is very romantic. It is said that servants working in manor houses would steal sterling silverware from their master's homes and craft them into bands because they could not afford a true wedding band. In addition to being made from actual silver, flatware in those times was highly stylized and often decorated with the family's crest, earning it heirloom status.


Upon request I will undertake commissions for rings, necklaces, bracelets & earrings made from 'Vintage Cutlery'. Please email me at '' with your request.


Sterling Silver Enamel Jewellery

There's nothing like a burst of colour on a gloomy day. My sterling silver lead free enamel jewellery is torch fired to give it a truly unique look. Every piece is different, offering either subtle or vibrant colours. The rawness of my jewellery means that there are uneven textures and no two pieces are ever the same.

Fine Sterling Silver Jewellery

To add some diversity to my collection, I also offer fine sterling silver jewellery. This isn't made by myself but I hope you will agree that the limited collection that I have are timeless pieces and are so interchangeable. Not everyone likes matching jewellery and so this fits well with other pieces in my collection. 

Bohemian Clothing

New to my collection is the fantastic choice of 'Bohemian Clothing'. Each piece is uniquely made and come in a gorgeous selection of colours and patterns. New pieces will make an appearance both at my markets and online...



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